Taylor Swift And Andrew Lloyd Webber ‘Spontaneously’ Co-Wrote A New Song For The ‘Cats’ Movie

Do not attempt to adjust your computer or smartphone’s screen. Universal Pictures is controlling anything and everything there is to know about the upcoming Cats movie, which — and I cannot stress this enough — is a thing that is actually happening. The film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic Broadway musical is due in theaters just before Christmas on December 20, so audiences have little time left to prepare for what’s about to bombard their psyches. Thankfully, star Taylor Swift and Webber were gracious enough to let one bit of news slip on Thursday.

According to Variety, the pair collaborated on a new song for the film titled “Beautiful Ghosts,” though Swift won’t actually be singing it in the movie. That honor belongs instead to Francesca Hayward, who plays Victoria. However, the “Lover” musician will record a fuller version of the tune that will run during the closing credits sequence and, most likely, appear on the film’s official soundtrack. Per Variety:

The song has been under wraps for nearly a year. It was penned by Swift and Lloyd Webber during shooting of the film in late 2018, coming together spontaneously as the outgrowth of a rehearsal the two had planned to go over Swift’s performance of a song she sings in the movie, “Macavity the Mystery Cat.”

Victoria is one of many, many featured roles in the original Cats musical, but according to Variety, director Tom Hooper and screenwriter Lee Hall decided to expand the part significantly for the movie. This meant creating a new musical number for her as she “didn’t have a lead vocal number of her own.” So, it had been on Webber’s mind for some time and, evidently, coalesced with Swift’s input during filming.

Guys… Cats is really happening.

(Via Variety)