‘Tenet’ Will Hit Home Video In Time To Confuse Everyone At Christmas

After a controversial and ultimately decent theatrical release, Tenet will be arriving on home video just in time for the holidays. The time-bending Christopher Nolan film will release on 4K, Blu Ray, DVD and digital on Dec. 15. Via Deadline:

The Tenet 4K UHD combo pack and Blu-ray will also have the hour-long featurette “Looking at the World in a New Way: The Making of Tenet” which will explore the development and production of the film as told by the cast and crew. Tenet will retail for $44.95 on 4K UHD, $35.99 on Blu-ray and $28.98 on DVD.

Warner Bros. and Nolan faced an onslaught of criticism after releasing the film theatrically in the middle of a pandemic. While the film performed well overseas, it’s American box office take is just north of $50 million, and that’s after being in theaters since August. To put things in perspective, a blockbuster movie of Tenet‘s caliber would normally expect to do $100 million on its opening weekend (although it did score $333 million at the global box office)

However, Nolan stated that he is “thrilled” with Tenet‘s performances given the circumstances, and he recently said that he fears the wrong lessons are being learned from the film’s unorthodox release.

“Rather than looking at where the film has worked well and how that can provide them with much needed revenue,” Nolan told the Los Angeles Times. “They’re looking at where it hasn’t lived up to pre-COVID expectations and will start using that as an excuse to make exhibition take all the losses from the pandemic instead of getting in the game and adapting — or rebuilding our business, in other words.”

Fortunately, American audiences will soon to get to see if Tenet was worth all of the hype and intense discussion when the film is more safely available to watch in December.

(Via Deadline)