Text Back BTB With Craig Robinson’s Most Repeatable Lines

Craig Robinson has seen a nearly meteoric rise from a music teacher who did comedy on the side to a grown man screaming profanity at a nine year old in Hot Tub Time Machine. To celebrate the man, the legend, the guy who let Aziz Ansari fall down a hole, we’ve put together some of his most repeatable lines.

If you’d like to get in on the fun, or at least the hot-tubbing, post your best party photos with the tag #hottubtimemachine2party and the name of your school. We’ll pick the top 3 schools from the submissions to possibly host The World’s Largest Hot Tub Party. And if you’d rather send it directly, or see what else is coming in, check out the Hot Tub Movie Party website.

“Bring that booty.”

“Do you know what shut the fuck up means?”

“I would date the hell out of me.”

“What color is Michael Jackson?”

“I seent it!”

“Seems like the kind of thing white people with dreadlocks do.”

“My hand is acting as a tourniquet!”

“You’re already in the hole! It’s too late for you!”

“You need to sit your sexy little ass down.”


And for the next round, don’t forget to check out Hot Tub Time Machine 2, arriving February 20th.