The First Clip From ‘Interstellar’ Mocks Moon Landing Truthers

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Interstellar has largely been kept under wraps. But as it comes out next week, they do have to talk about it a bit, and the first clip they’ve put out, an exclusive for Time, is simultaneously hilarious and depressing.

Matthew McConaughey is in a parent/teacher conference in this clip, which sounds boring! And then you find out that the textbooks have been “corrected” to state that the moon landing was a hoax, and that exploring space is a useless endeavor we created to fool the Russians into bankrupting themselves, according to “modern” “history.” And by the end of it, McConaughey is about to go Buzz Aldrin on everyone.

It’s both a satire of the stupidity of the textbook wars, and also a hint at the larger problems Earth is facing in this movie. If you pay attention, it turns out that somewhere in this film’s timeline, we lost the ability to build MRI machines, and that regression, one suspects, will be plot-relevant. Earth appears to be struggling to find necessary resources, and that’s having not just an economic, but a cultural impact as well. That’s an interesting idea, and we’ll be curious to see how this movie pays that off. We’ll find out next week.