The ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Biopic May Cast Daniel Radcliffe, And It Finally Gets A Plot Summary

daniel radcliffe
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We previously told you about the Grand Theft Auto making-of drama, and I’ve got to admit, in the absence of a plot summary, I was left wondering what the hell the movie would even be about. Well, in the wake of Daniel Radcliffe signing on, we’ve gotten a plot summary, and things just got verrrrrry interesting.

Oh, right, Harry Potter guy. Yeah, Radcliffe is about to sign on to the movie playing Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser, according to Tracking Board. I’m interested to see who’s cast as the antagonist, being that Tracking Board also revealed that the movie is about the fight between Houser and none other than Jack Thompson.

For those unfamiliar, Thompson spent years trying to create a legal framework to ban video games and get on TV as an “expert” about video games. The man tried to co-opt one of the single worst and most tragic murder cases you will ever read about to make it about his pet cause. His antics became so infamous and disliked, he managed to get disbarred as an attorney, and keep in mind that’s almost impossible to do. Thompson is still at it, but the one-two punch of his disbarment and Brown vs. ESA, the Supreme Court case that established video games are protected speech, has effectively defeated him for good.

In other words, he’s a mix of Don Quixote and Javert, and done properly, it’s going to be amazing. Now it’s just a matter of who’ll play Thompson. Please, let it be Ian McKellen.