Sony Will Likely Release ‘The Interview’ On YouTube Christmas Day

UPDATE: Sony Will Be Releasing ‘The Interview’ For Rental On All These Services At 1PM ET. TODAY.

In addition to the change of heart by Sony pictures that they will now be allowing The Interview to screen in select theaters Christmas day (a full list of participating theaters can be found here), Sony is reportedly also in talks with YouTube to distribute the film, via its movie rental system. My god, the roller coaster of emotions this whole ordeal has been! We’ve now gone from nobody being able to see it from everybody being able to see it in the space of like, a week.

According to CNN:

It would be available for rental through YouTube on Christmas Day, the same day it premieres in about 300 independently-owned theaters across the United States.

The YouTube deal is not likely to be exclusive. Sony has been talking with other potential partners as well.

An earlier plan to rent “The Interview” through Apple’s iTunes store broke down, according to two of the sources, but it could re-materialize sometime after Christmas.

It’s still not a done deal, but since Christmas is, you know, tomorrow, I imagine we’ll know for sure one way or the other pretty soon. It’s also unclear at this time how much the rental will set you back. We’ll keep you updated as news breaks.

(Gizmodo via CNN)