A New ‘The Lion King’ Teaser Features Beyoncé And Donald Glover Singing A Disney Classic

So far we’ve seen a lot of imagery from the forthcoming “live-action” (read: still technically animated, but with CGI creatures) The Lion King remake, but the trailers so far haven’t really shown off a lot of singing. That changes now: The new TV spot for the film, due on July 19, really lets our power couple leads Donald Glover and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter flex their singing voices.

The song in question is, of course, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”, one of the many beloved tunes penned by Elton John and his lyricist, Tim Rice. Glover’s Simba and Beyoncé’s Nala croon the song as the cub Simba listens to his father Mufasa (a returning James Earl Jones) recite his famous speech.

“Look to the stars,” Mufasa tells his princely son, telling of the history of kings in their lineage. “Those kings will always be there to guide you.” There’s also plenty of mass animal stampeding and walks against the moon, plus a helicopter shot of our lion lovers cuddling atop a mountain perch.

Glover and Beyoncé naturally do their own singing. In the 1994 full-animated original, Simba and Nala voice actors Matthew Broderick and Moira Kelly were dubbed, when it came time to bust out a tune, by Toto’s Joseph Williams and Sally Dworsky. Apparently no one at Disney knew that Broderick would soon become a Broadway star with The Producers.

(Via EW)