The Man Behind ‘Black-ish’ Is Adapting ‘Good Times’ For The Big Screen

The possibility of there being a Good Times movie has come up before. Back in 2013, Hollywood was abuzz with executives touting the idea around the same time a cast reunion was announced. Doubts were later had about the whole affair, but nothing really came of it — until now.

According to Deadline, Kenya Barris of Black-ish fame is up for the job.

[He] has been set by Sony to write Good Times, the feature adaptation of the groundbreaking sitcom about an African-American family on the other side of the spectrum, struggling in the Chicago projects in the turbulent ’60s. Scott Rudin and Eli Bush are producing.

Seeing as how the hit ABC show has opened a lot of doors for Barris, the announcement comes as no surprise — even for a first-timer. Considering the ongoing situation in Baltimore, however, the news will most likely be taken one of two ways. Folks will either run to their windows, screaming “DYN-O-MITE!”; or they’ll consider it somewhat poorly timed.

(Via Deadline)