The Rock Is The Highest-Paid Actor In Hollywood For The Second Year In A Row (Sorry, Vin Diesel)

For the second year in a row, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is officially the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. The constantly working actor and tequila mogul crushed the competition, which includes his old nemesis Vin Diesel.

Thanks to an influx of cash from Netflix, The Rock won the top spot on Forbes‘ list of The Highest-Paid Actors of 2020. The actor scored a $23.5 million payday for Red Notice, which along with his Under Armour line Project Rock, put The Rock in first with a grand total of $87.5 million in earnings. However, his Red Notice co-star Ryan Reynolds wasn’t far behind in second. The Deadpool star was also rolling in Netflix dough thanks to 6 Underground, and he has a third blockbuster in the works with the streaming service, which could make Reynolds a threat to The Rock for Forbes’ 2021 list.

Coming in third is Mark Wahlberg, who’s also sitting on some Netflix green thanks to Spenser Confidential. (Producing HBO’s McMillion$ didn’t hurt either.) Fourth place is surprisingly Ben Affleck, again with a pocketful of Netflix cash for The Last Thing That He Wanted. And coming in fifth is Diesel who’s producing a Fast & Furious animated series for, you guessed it, Netflix.

Of course, The Rock dominating Diesel shouldn’t be a total shock. While The Rock has successfully branched out to several films and TV shows, Diesel has found little success outside of the Fast & Furious franchise and voicing Groot for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. As for whether this latest development will exacerbate their long-running feud remains to be seen. Diesel and Johnson started butting heads back in 2016 when The Rock basically called Diesel a “candy ass” on Instagram. From that point on, the two began trading words back and forth over interviews and social media. The chest-thumping grew even more intense when The Rock and Jason Statham signed on to the Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, which prompted Tyrese to pour more fuel on the Rock/Diesel beef.

While hostilities have seemingly cooled between the two action stars, the Forbes ranking is exactly the kind of spark that can fire up another battle of the egos.

(Via Forbes)