‘The Suicide Squad’ Gag Reel Is Loaded With Laughs And The Questionable Use Of A Severed Finger

A little over a month after its release in theaters and on HBO Max, Warner Bros. has dropped a new gag reel for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, and it’s almost as funny as the movie itself. Peppered with actors struggling not to break character, the blooper reel includes an equal amount of hilarious candid moments for the film’s major stars Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, and John Cena, who was apparently willing to stick anything in his mouth during filming. (You’ll know the moment when you see it.)

Flula Borg, who played Javelin in the film, also gets a moment to shine thanks to his weapon refusing to cooperate, which leaves Robbie unable to keep a straight face. He also gets a solid bit in the end as the real “star” of the film.

For fans looking for more of Gunn’s take on the classic DC Comics villain squad, he recently wrapped production on Peacemaker, which will focus on Cena’s character during a time we won’t mention because it’s a spoiler. However, Gunn has teased that other members of The Suicide Squad could appear in the spinoff series including a character who the director revealed is not as dead as they looked in the film.

Peacemaker will start streaming in January on HBO Max, and if you missed The Suicide Squad the first time around, it’s now available for digital purchase followed by a Blu-Ray/4K release on October 26.

(Via Warner Bros. Entertainment)