The Terminator And Darth Vader Have Better Poll Numbers Than The 2016 Presidential Field

Politicians are unpopular people. This isn’t a secret. But they’re apparently so unpopular that people prefer telekinetic child murderers and literal killing machines to whoever winds up becoming leader of the free world.

The Washington Post has, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, conducted a survey online asking people to rank how favorably they view the 2016 presidential field, as well as a few fictional characters like Vader, the shark from Jaws, and Voldemort. The rating is calculated rather simply; you subtract the percentage of those who dislike the candidate in the survey from those who actually can stand them.

Voldemort really tanked, although he still did better than most of the GOP field. Still, the rest of the fictional candidates won mostly because they had any sort of positive rating in the first place; most of the real politicians… let’s say it’s mostly a race to have the lowest negative score.

We could see Vader making a credible run for president: He’s got administrative experience, he’s all for a strong military, and his religious beliefs would make him extremely popular among the contingent of voters who would like to not be strangled. The Terminator is more of a fringe candidate, but with this field, a robot who wants to kill all humans might be the best option.

(Via Wonkblog)