Lauren Lapkus Is A Cliff-Jumping Party Animal In Netflix’s ‘The Wrong Missy’ Trailer

Comedy Bang Bang fans know Lauren Lapkus as Traci Reardon, and Scott’s nephew Todd, and the Sunny to Paul F. Tompkins’ Chazmin, and Ho Ho the naughty elf, and about 50 other characters. She’s also the host of podcasts With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus and Newcomers with Nicole Byer, and has appeared in Jurassic World, Orange Is the New Black, and Adventure Time. Soon, she’ll make her first foray into the Happy Madison-verse, and considering how popular those movies are on Netflix, she’s also about to become a lot more famous. You can say you knew Lauren Lapkus back when (“when” equals “singing the America’s Funniest Home Videos theme as Regina Crimp”).

The Wrong Missy stars David Spade as a guy who meets the girl of his dreams, Missy (in classic Happy Madison style, she’s a former-Miss Maryland winner), who he invites on a corporate retreat to Hawaii. But it turns out he accidentally texts the wrong Missy, played by Lapkus, who joins him instead. Does a shark get punched in a face? Does David Spade dress up as a mermaid? Does he also have a threesome with Lapkus and Sarah Chalke from Scrubs? The answer to all three is… wait, is that Rob Schneider?

Here’s the official plot description.

When Tim Morris meets his dream girl and their relationship quickly escalates through texts, he throws caution to the wind and invites her to his company’s corporate retreat on an island resort… However, when a past blind date from hell shows up at the airport for the weekend getaway instead, he learns too late that he’s been texting “The Wrong Missy.”

The Wrong Missy premieres on Netflix on May 13.