This Is What Happens When You Combine ‘Pulp Fiction’ With The Opening Credits From ‘Happy Days’

Pulpy Days comes from Robert Jones and it really isn’t anything more than some crafty editing of some footage from Pulp Fiction thrown on top of the opening credits of Happy Days. But it kinda works and is enjoyable. I would watch this show, especially because people are mouthing f*ck in the opening credits.

Imagine seeing The Fonz call Ritchie Cunningham a mother f*cker in the background of those Happy Days opening credits. Then cut to Tom Bosley in full gimp getup in Ralph Malph’s pawn shop. It’d be super. Almost as super as MTV’s Pulp Fiction parody from the 1995 Movie Awards, featuring the fine return of the Sweathogs from Welcome Back, Kotter.

(Via Robert Jones)