‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Will Feature A Cameo From One Of The Guardians Of The Galaxy

We’re still months away from a safe vaccine being widely distributed, but Hollywood has been cautiously going back to work — especially if they’re shooting in countries that did a better job battling COVID-19. James Cameron has been able to complete principal photography on at least one of his Avatar sequels, while Marvel is already plotting its new year. Among its plans: to shoot the fourth Thor entry in Australia. And it will even have a splashy cameo from another wing of the MCU.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Pratt will trek all the way to Australia so that Peter Quill, aka Guardians of the Galaxy‘s resident half-human Star-Lord, can hang with Natalie Portman’s returning Jane Foster, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, and, of course, Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god, in the film called Thor: Love and Thunder. Or maybe he’ll only hang with Thor. After all, the end of Avengers: Endgame, the actual god left Earth with the Guardians, to see where it takes him. So who knows!

The Pratt news comes not long after a strange internet debacle, in which social media users voted him the worst of the MCU’s major players. That inspired much of the franchise’s stable of actors to rush to his defense — though they didn’t do that when the dregs of the internet came for people like Brie Larson.

(Via THR)