Turns Out, ‘Dune’ Star Timothée Chalamet Was Once An Xbox YouTuber Who Designed Game Controllers

While Timothée Chalamet might now be a fully-fledge movie star, renowned for his subdued performances and prominent bone structure, long before he ever starred alongside Saoirse Ronan he was sharing the spotlight with a different co-star: an Xbox 360 controller. Back in 2010, Chalamet entertained people not on the big screen but on his YouTube channel, ModdedController360, where he shared the custom paint jobs he did on his Xbox 360 controllers. While the actor only uploaded three videos showcasing his artistic talents, the channel currently has over 17,000 followers — though we suspect him revealing his channel name in a recent interview might have something to do with that.

In the interview with internet personality Nate Hill, Chalamet and his Dune co-star Zendaya sat down with the YouTuber to talk about their new Fortnite skins and show off their impressive gameplay skills. However, one thing led to another and during the interview Chalamet let it slip that he and gaming go way back, casually admitting to Hill that he once had a YouTube channel that some dedicated fans had even stumbled upon despite his face not appearing in any of the videos.

“I had a YouTube channel people found,” Chalamet said. “It’s YouTube dot com back-slash ‘ModdedController360. And I used to paint-mod controllers.”

Despite Chalamet only uploading three videos during his brief career as a YouTuber, each one of them is truly something special, with the video of Chalamet showing off his “nice” and “sexy” red tiger print design being particularly delightful.

In addition to the red tiger-striped controller, Chalamet also designed a blue and sliver controller as well as a Christmas-themed green and red one that “works perfectly” and “is not for sale.” While in his videos Chalamet urged viewers to comment what colors he should use next, the comments have, unsurprisingly, since been turned off.

Unfortunately, Chalamet’s days of designing and potentially selling Xbox 360 controllers have come to a close. However, much less unfortunately, the young star is pretty consistently blowing fans away with his acting chops and is making a real name for himself among Hollywood’s best and brightest. You can catch Chalamet in both Dune and Wes Anderson’s newest film, The French Dispatch, in theaters now. Or on his YouTube channel.