Tom Arnold Wants Margot Robbie To Break Bad And Play His Real-Life Meth Kingpin Sister In A Movie

While “taking a meeting with Tom Arnold” might not be something anyone had on their Bingo card for Margot Robbie in 2021, she may want to take a listen. Arnold—the comedian and actor who is still best known for being married to Roseanne Barr in the early 1990s—is currently making the press rounds with his sister, Lori Arnold. The two are promoting Queen of Meth, the new Discovery+ docuseries that digs into Lori’s time breaking bad as a real-life Walter White.

According to Discovery+, the three-part series sees Lori confronting “her past by visiting old haunts and rehashing memories with friends and family, including her famous brother, Tom Arnold. Lori and Tom’s vivid recollections of their formative years reveal hidden family secrets and trauma, poignantly piecing together how Lori’s disturbing childhood and wild adolescence led her down a drug-riddled path. More than a trip down memory lane, Queen of Meth showcases just how this highly successful and unlikely entrepreneur oversaw a multi-million-dollar meth empire, and how even within the ravages of addiction, she was able to flip poverty to prosperity.”

In an interview with Page Six, Tom admitted that if Lori’s story “wasn’t happening to my own sister and the town I grew up in, I would say it wasn’t true, but it is. The story is wild, but really well done, and highlights a problem that is happening in our country today with addiction and the repercussions from it.” Queen of Meth arrived on Discovery+ last week and is getting positive reviews for its simple and frank approach. But Tom sees this as just the beginning of his sister’s story being told. He’s currently adapting Lori’s life story into a scripted series, and has some major names in mind for the starring roles. For Lori, who was once dubbed “Scarface in a skirt,” Tom only has eyes for two-time Oscar nominee Margot Robbie.

“I really want to make this a scripted series and I know it can happen,” he said. “Margot would be great to play my sister because she is a badass and so is Lori. I can see her doing a total transformation similar to what Charlize Theron did in Monster.” (Did he see I, Tonya?)

Of course, Tom will also be a character in the script. And while he’d prefer to play himself, he does have a Plan B: “[I]f I am unavailable, Leonardo DiCaprio will do just fine,” he said.

Robbie and DiCaprio might be two of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood right now, but someone familiar with Arnold’s project confirmed that he is indeed approaching them about being part of his family album. Whether either one of them will pick up when an assistant yells “The guy from Hunt for the Trump Tapes is on the phone!” is another matter entirely.

(Via Page Six)