Tom Cruise Dangles From A Train In A New ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Photo From Director Chris McQuarrie

Oh, Tom Cruise. The guy’s truly performing a labor of love while filming Mission: Impossible 7. Amid many delays, Cruise felt compelled (a few months ago) to go off on those who won’t heed virus-related protocols, all because he wants to help save the moviemaking business. In doing so, he cited the importance of keeping crews employed, but also, maybe just a little bit, he wants to help keep the industry alive so that he can still perform the wildest stunts. Alright, I made that last part up, but admit it: it’s totally plausible. All I really know is that Tom Cruise loves to do things like scale the Burj Khalifa, so when we saw him perching atop a speeding train last fall and waving like it’s no big thing, it wasn’t surprising, but it was awesome.

In that same spirit, director Chris McQuarrie teased viewers with an action shot from the upcoming sequel. Here’s Tom just, you know, hanging from a train in “fabulous Yorkshire.” That’s not all, though. McQuarrie promised, “We’ll be back for one last bit of mischief in short order.” So… Tom on roller skates on top of a train? Nothing has been confirmed, but it sounds like something that he’d do.

Daily Mail published some slightly-distanced video of the scene referenced in this photo, which involves Tom tearing across the top of the train last week. He’s wearing a suit and tie, and the video shows him adjusting the tie. Very important.

When this movie finally arrives, it will have been quite a haul. Several production delays and local controversies involving cruise ships plagued the production. In addition, a bridge kerfuffle and a stunt gone wrong must have caused frustration, but rest assured, this movie will be here. People need to see Tom Cruise dangling from a train.

Mission: Impossible 7 is scheduled for a May 27, 2022 release.