Tom Cruise Reportedly Saved A Co-Star From Spinning Helicopter Blades Back In The 1980s

Tom Cruise is suddenly making loads of headlines lately, which is bound to happen when one dangles from a speeding train like it’s no big thing. Due to shooting that particular scene in Yorkshire, by the way, Tom’s also in the news over at the The Daily Mail, which published photos of him apparently saving a cameraman from falling off the train, possibly even saving the guy’s life. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that Tom has pulled such a feat, and The Sun has details of a 1987 incident from the Cocktail set, where he literally saved his leading lady’s life.

That actress would be The Karate Kid‘s Elisabeth Shue (seen recently in The Boys and Cobra Kai), who had been filming the “horse riding on the beach” scene with Tom, and a helicopter nearly spelled Elisabeth’s demise. The Sun‘s report comes from a Facebook gathering of Crew Stories, which includes aerial camera operator Bill Bennett’s account of how Elisabeth and Tom had paused filming to receive director’s notes after a few takes. Elisabeth had apparently turned to run back to the part of the beach where they were shooting, and she nearly collided with spinning helicopter blades.

Tom tackled her, saving her life, and writer Mike Timm saw the Facebook post and alerted Mission: Impossible 7 director Chris McQuarrie. In turn, he mentioned it to Tom, who confirmed the story as truth. Here’s part of Bennett’s description:

“Tom saw where Elisabeth was going,” he added. “Tom is a pilot, rated in both airplanes and helicopters, and instantly saw the danger. He lunged after her, but only was able grab her legs, tackling her to the ground. “He rolled her over, dragging her at the same time, and you could see the momentary anger on her face while she was yelling “Why did you do that?”

“But by that time he is pointing at the tail rotor which is now a couple feet away, screaming at her that she almost died. At that point she turned white, and he pulled her back towards the front of the helicopter and they walked away. All of us in the helicopter, we’re quite shaken up by the close call, but there was nothing to be said. Tom had, in that instant, truly saved her life.”

Yikes. Cruise can be seen back in action on the big screen when Top Gun: Maverick arrives on November 19, 2021, followed by Mission: Impossible 7 on May 27, 2022.

(Via Daily Mail & The Sun)