Of Course Tom Cruise Made A Surprise Appearance At Paramount’s CineEurope To Thank Movie-Goers: ‘I’m Always Thinking About All Of You’

While the ongoing pandemic has reduced movie premieres, film festivals, and the entertainment industry at-large to a fraction of their former glory, some stars are going the extra mile to celebrate the folks keeping the industry alive. According to a Deadline report, movie fans attending Paramount’s CineEurope Presentation in Barcelona this week were treated to one such appearance by none other than action star Tom Cruise, who dropped by the festival to promote both Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible 7. The surprising cameo reportedly brought “CineEurope attendees to their feet,” and brightened up the starless affair.

Following the reveal, Cruise took the opportunity to thank those attending the presentation, stating he “wanted to come personally” before adding he’s “had a great relationship” with CineEurope over his 40-year career” and he is “always thinking” about moviegoers.

“I love making movies, it’s my passion,” Cruise said from the stage this afternoon, telling exhibition, “Every day we want the very best it can be. We’re out here with you and for you and we’re never going to stop.”

Cruise then introduced the attendees to a previously shown clip from Mission: Impossible 7, followed by the first 13 minutes of the Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. The long-awaited second entry in the Top Gun series hit theaters next May, followed by Mission: Impossible 7 in late September.