Few People Will Ever Be As Happy As Tom Cruise Going Zero-G For A Stunt In ‘The Mummy’ Happy

Tom Cruise is a 54-year-old man who has seen it all and done it all. He’s been on top of Hollywood for over thirty years, he finds great satisfaction in his religion, and he’s making blockbuster after blockbuster while doing all of his own stunts. You would think he’d be numb to the magic of moviemaking by now, but no — Tom Cruise loves it. He’s overjoyed at the prospect of trying out something new for the sake of movie magic.

Simply put, few people will ever be as happy as Tom Cruise preparing to go zero-G for a stunt in The Mummy. Look at him. Just look at him.
While the rest of the cast seems slightly amused that they’re about to use barf bags for the first time in their lives, Tom Cruise is wishing he had a couch to jump on (it’s the only way he knows how to truly show off how happy he is):

The man is a walking Zoloft pill mixed with one of the many dogs who played Air Bud (RIP). Props to him for being able to get up and do the damn thing time and time again, but typically a plane doing this:
Doesn’t lead to a human reacting like this:

But Tom Cruise is a special guy, and it’s a small sacrifice for what looks to be an incredible stunt. Universal’s kicking off their monster universe in style, eh?

(Via i09)