Tom Holland Puts A ‘Cherry’ On Top Of His Latest Russo Brothers Project With A Behind-The-Scenes Photo

Tom Holland is definitely not done web slinging in the MCU as Peter Parker, much to the relief of Spider-Man fans. He’s also reteaming with Russo Brothers for Cherry, an adaptation of Nico Walker’s debut novel. This certainly isn’t Spidey territory, since Walker’s book title comes from Army slang that refers to a green soldier fresh to a combat zone. Previously, Holland Instagrammed a first-look photo, which revealed a dramatically different vibe that we’ve seen from him before.

For one, Holland’s sporting a buzz cut in that photo, and he’s robbing a financial establishment (called “Shitty Bank”). That’s a humorous label, but the film’s subject matter is dark stuff, given that Walker spent time as an Army medic during the war in Iraq. He subsequently suffered undiagnosed PTSD and landed in the belly of the American opioid epidemic, followed by some bank-robbing sprees. Following a 2011 conviction, Walker spent several years in prison and transitioned to a halfway house in late 2019 with full release scheduled for fall 2020.

Well, Cherry should arrive sometime during 2020, although no firm release date has been set. Earlier this week, Holland shared a “[l]ast day vibes” photo from the set.

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Last day vibes #cherry

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The buzz cut is still firmly intact, but folks can now await the return of Holland’s floppy locks, which will also hopefully arrive sometime in 2020. And here’s more of the buzz cut with the Russo-Holland trio celebrating their Golden Tomato Ward win (for Avengers: Endgame being the top-reviewed wide release movie of 2019) by chomping down on literal tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes would have been better, but they’ll take these veggies, nonetheless.