Here’s Tom Holland Like You’ve Never Seen Him In A First Look At The Russo Brothers’ ‘Cherry’

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will (fortunately) return to the MCU for future installments of web slinging, but he’s bridging the gap with some diversified projects. Like Pixar’s Onward, which has a very weird twist for the Disney brand, and then there’s the project where Holland reteams with the Russo Brothers for Cherry, an adaptation of Nico Walker’s debut novel. This certainly isn’t Spider-Man territory, to say the very least.

Cherry‘s an autobiographical story about Walker’s time as an Army medic during the war in Iraq, followed by undiagnosed PTSD that led to falling into the belly of the American opioid epidemic and bank-robbing sprees. Walker’s currently in prison (he was convicted in 2011), where he’s scheduled to remain until 2020. This is dark stuff, obviously. Well, Holland’s fans already went into a tizzy earlier this month when he surfaced with a buzz cut for this role, and this first-look photo from Cherry might spark a further fuss.

Holland posted the photo, in which he points a gun at the camera while apparently robbing an establishment called “Shitty Bank,” to his Instagram with the following caption: “No alarms. I’m a wanted man. They’ll kill me…”

Cherry is currently scheduled for a 2020 release, and Holland’s floppy locks should return by, oh, around mid-2020.