Tom Holland Is Roasting Jake Gyllenhaal With A Fake Giveaway Contest

In what’s surely an official contest that Jake Gyllenhaal is fully aware of (disclaimer: it’s not.), Tom Holland is offering one lucky winner a weekend away with his Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star.

While sharing a photo of the two actors at a 2019 comic book convention, Holland solicited his 35 million Instagram followers for a caption to to the humorous pic and promised the winner a getaway with Gyllenhaal, who has yet to respond to Holland’s generous offer. Then again, he hasn’t said “no” either, so you never know.

You can see Holland’s full Instagram post below:

As of this writing, Holland’s post has 2.8 million Likes and over 51,000 comments, so that’s a whole lot of captions to sift through. But if some lucky fan does get a chance to spend the weekend with Gyllenhaal, they might want to think twice about sharing any personal details with the Velvet Buzzsaw actor. Gyllenhaal recently made headlines after it was revealed that he shared a very personal piece of information about his childhood friend Chris Fischer during his wedding to comedian Amy Schumer. Via ET Canada:

Gyllenhaal’s speech was shown in part during “Expecting Amy” and it is not what you would expect.

“We’re going to start this off with Chris is the only uncircumcised one amongst the four of us, which was a mystery to us as young boys because we only knew the penis to be one way,” Gyllenhaal said.

That’s a whole lot of TMI, Mysterio. Although, it was probably right at home in Schumer’s docuseries that premiered Thursday July 9 on HBO. The three part behind-the-scenes special is an unflinching and intimate look at Schumer’s life as she navigated an extremely difficult pregnancy while still working on a comedy tour that eventually left her hospitalized. Fortunately, everything worked out in the end, and mom and baby had a safe and healthy delivery.

(Via Tom Holland on Instagram)