‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Will Finally Come To Paramount+ In Time For The Holidays

Last summer, Top Gun: Maverick went old school — and made bank. In age when many blockbusters hit streaming a mere handful of weeks after hitting theaters — if not on the same day — it waited out the height of the pandemic, then only played theaters. Even months later, when its ship had sailed, it was nowhere near a streamer. It did finally hit streaming, but only for rental or purchase. For those who wanted to watch as part one of their many subscriptions, the wait is almost (but not quite) over.

As per Variety, the year’s biggest hit will hit Paramount+ in about a month, namely on Dec. 22. That’s right in time for the holidays, when travelers have set up shop in some family home, looking to watch something, anything that everyone can theoretically enjoy. Given that Maverick was both a commercial and critical hit — having surgically erased almost all of the Reagan ‘80s original’s jingoism (and some, but not all, of its homoeroticism) — this should be a better fit than Boomers insisting everyone watch Yellowstone (also on Paramount+).

When Maverick finally arrives on Paramount+, it will have been over six months since its theatrical debut, which is almost unheard-of in this streamer-loving age. People are still happening upon some “Easter Eggs,” including a detail in its version of the original’s iconic/hilarious volleyball scene.

(Via Variety)