Donald Trump Held A White House Screening Of ‘Joker’ Over The Weekend And Reportedly Liked It

Early Sunday morning, CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz tweeted that President Donald Trump hosted a screening of the global box office hit Joker on Saturday. So, yes, just in case you were hoping that the never-ending discourse surrounding the critically acclaimed film would be ending soon, this is sadly not going to be the case for a little while longer.

Yahoo! News followed up on Prokupecz’s tweet with the White House, which confirmed that Trump did, indeed, host a screening of Todd Phillips’s gritty character study of the iconic Batman villain for “family, friends, and some staff” on Saturday night. And just in case you were wondering, yes, “the senior White House official said Trump liked the film.”

As of this writing, Trump himself — nor anyone who was presumably at the White House screening — has chimed in publicly to comment on Joker and say what they thought about it. Nor, for that matter, as either Phillips or star Joaquin Phoenix said anything about the news. Considering how frequent of an Instagram user Phillips is, however, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the director decided to chime in on social media. Then again, should the news of Trump’s liking Joker continue to go viral, it wouldn’t be surprising if the president tweeted about it, either.

(Via Yahoo! News)