Vampire Drama ‘Let The Right One In’ Is Getting Serialized For TNT

Vampires live forever, and apparently so do stories about them. Deadline is reporting that TNT has ordered a pilot for Let the Right One In, originally a Swedish best-selling novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist that spawned two excellent film adaptations and even a critically acclaimed off-Broadway play. The pilot’s script was penned by Teen Wolf and Criminal Minds creator Jeff Davis, with equally impressive names tagged to executive produce. A&E was originally in talks to bring the horror drama to the small screen, but the project moved to TNT earlier this year.

The story centers on the unlikely friendship between a tormented 12-year-old boy and a (seemingly) young girl who turns out to be an undead bloodsucker. As to be expected, a budding romance and plenty of choice gore follow. The Swedish film of the same name, also written by Lindqvist, won numerous international awards at several film festivals. The series will reportedly treat the novel as source material.

Speaking to said source material, the network said it “combines elements of horror, revenge thriller and adolescent romance into an unforgettable and truly unsettling tale,” adding the novel is a “watershed of rich storytelling” and an “abundant source” of material for their adaptation. And, like all things, a better love story than Twilight.

(Via Deadline)