Jennifer Lawrence And Elizabeth Banks Talked Threesomes And Penises In A ‘Hunger Games’ Interview

11.19.14 5 years ago 19 Comments

Earlier this week in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Elizabeth Banks talked about penises and how really small ones effect your sex life. “It’s better to have a big penis”, she said. Some solid advice right there fellas, take note. Small penis = bad, big penis = good.

Anyway, Banks was on the topic of penises again in an interview with her Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence. During her “Ask A Badass” segment, Banks told Lawrence: “You’re a guys’ girl, you basically have a penis. You have a man’s career now.”

I don’t know what any of that really means. I’m also quite sure Jennifer Lawrence does not have a penis…but I digress. The two then shifted into a conversation about threesomes and specifically who they would want as the third participant in a Hunger Games menage-a-trois.

Banks: “We would three with you.”
Lawrence: “Oh, you would. Thank you, I’m so flattered.”
Banks: “For sure.”
Lawrence: “Woody (Harrelson) wouldn’t.”
Banks: “Yes.”
Lawrence: “No, he wouldn’t I’m his daughter. He’d be horrified.”
Banks: “I could convince him.”
Lawrence: “Let’s get the wheels in motion.”

And that kids is what led to the porn parody, HUNGer Games.


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