Waze Users Can Now Be Guided By The Terminator

You know, when I fire up a GPS, the last thing I want to hear is the voice of a robot who wants to kill all humans. But Waze users will now have that option, as part of a promotion of Terminator: Genisys.

And, yes, it’s Arnold. See for yourself:

Among other features, the Terminator will tell you “Hasta la vista, baby” when you arrive at your destination. Which is considerably better than his other dialogue options, one supposes, but it’s still kind of menacing. Oddly omitted from Waze’s press materials is whether the app will give you the best escape route when being chased by a semi.

Sadly, this isn’t a permanent feature; it’ll only be in place through mid-July as an option for Waze users. Until then, you can be guided to your destination by a robot that’s at least more personable than most GPS voices.

(Via USA Today)