We Watched ‘Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser’ And Kept A Running Diary

Joe Dirt 2

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser — a movie that I can say with some confidence that no one outside of David Spade has ever asked for – has debuted on the streaming service Crackle. On Friday, for reasons I’m not sure, I watched Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. It’s a bizarre movie. While watching, I kept a running diary. Here’s how that all went:

:25: I just realized I’ve never seen the first Joe Dirt.

:40: Dennis Miller is in this movie.

:44: Dennis Miller couldn’t show up for the SNL 40th anniversary special, but he had time to appear in Joe Dirt 2.

:50: “I know a little something about Joe Dirt.” A line spoken by Dennis Miller.

1:25: Dennis Miller insulted a guy who kind of looks like John C. Reilly by calling him “John C-Minus Reilly.”

1:30: Dennis Miller was apparently in the first Joe Dirt.

1:32: I already regret this.

2:18: Joe Dirt has made his first appearance.

3:12: Joe Dirt introduced himself to a woman sitting next to him by saying, “Hello, I’m Dirt.”

3:28: Joe Dirt 2 has made its first Forrest Gump reference.

6:11: Joe Dirt 2 is now doing a riff on The Sopranos opening credits.

6:24: I wish I were watching The Sopranos.

8:01: It’s still better than A Million Ways to Die in the West.

8:28: David Spade needs to be cast in a movie by one of those highly respected directors who likes casting “outside the box” people. I bet he could be good.

9:57: David Spade’s Joe Dirt wig is not good.

12:32: We are in a flashback sequence and Joe Dirt is married and he has three kids.

13:02: Was Dennis Miller really in this movie? Did I imagine that?

14:10: Oh no.

14:15: The villain is played by Mark McGrath.

14:21: How is this real?

14:30: If someone in 1999 could tell Mark McGrath, “In 2015, you will be in a movie called Joe Dirt 2,” I wonder what his reaction would be?

15:27: Knowing he’d be in the sequel, I wonder how McGrath would react to the original Joe Dirt.

17:53: All the characters are farting.

18:15: Joe Dirt’s child just asked him, “Daddy, why are they farting on you?”

24:12: After a tornado, Joe Dirt’s trailer home landed on a gang leader and killed him. The other members of the gang gave Joe Dirt the leader’s boots. Joe Dirt 2 is using the premise of The Wizard of Oz as its plot.

24:34: Patrick Warburton is a member of this gang.

25:10: Joe Dirt is now the leader of this gang.

25:57: Okay, so, it seems the tornado sent Joe Dirt back in time to 1965. Joe Dirt doesn’t seem terribly surprised or upset by any of this.

28:02: The word “queer” is being used in a derogatory way. This is a movie released in 2015.

30:12: Joe Dirt 2 has made its second Forrest Gump reference.

34:43: Nothing about this movie makes sense.

37:35: Mark McGrath just masturbated into a bag of popcorn.

37:55: I wonder what the other members of Sugar Ray think about this scene.

40:57: Joe Dirt has just been arrested for making a purchase with 2015 money in 1965.

44:12: Best Time Travel Movies: Back to the Future, Looper, Terminator, Joe Dirt 2.

46:11: The band Kajagoogoo was just referenced.

46:57: Joe Dirt has discovered the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. He’s hanging out with them.

48:34: Joe Dirt gets sad when he remembers the plane crash. This is supposed to be a poignant moment.

49:13: I will admit, I never would have assumed the plot of Joe Dirt 2 included any of this.

52:48: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I needed to watch the first Joe Dirt before watching this one. There are a lot of references to the first movie I don’t understand.

52:59: On second thought, I guess I don’t care.

53:48: Dennis Miller is back. He references the title of the movie and makes a joke about it being overwritten.

54:12: I used to love Dennis Miller.

55:01: I need to pause this movie and walk around for a little but. Maybe reassess my career goals.

55:01: Okay, I’m back. I think I’m fine. Let’s watch the rest of Joe Dirt 2.

56:04: Joe Dirt just had his organs harvested.

57:24: Joe Dirt is now stranded on an island.

59:48: Joe Dirt has a football named Wilson.

1:02:19: Turns out Joe Dirt was in Miami the whole time and didn’t know it.

1:02:26: I wonder what it would be like to be an accountant. I bet that’s an exciting job.

1:02:50: Christopher Walken is in Joe Dirt 2.

1:04:02: Christopher Walken’s wig looks like it’s going to fall off.

1:06:49: The movie is set in 1977 now.

1:07:05: Joe Dirt 2 is very complicated.

1:07:26: Joe Dirt 2 is the Infinite Jest of the Joe Dirt franchise.

1:11:18: Joe Dirt is having his testicles extracted.

1:11:29: I think I’m going to stop writing stuff down for awhile.

1:13:12: Joe Dirt got his scrotum caught in an airplane toilet.

1:13:15: Okay, now I’m going to stop writing things down for awhile.

1:19:36: Mark McGrath just yanked on a dog’s scrotum.

1:19:45: I wonder what the other members of Sugar Ray think about this scene.

1:25:48: I can’t believe how long this movie is.

1:26:33: I have been defeated by Joe Dirt 2.

1:30:24: Sigh.

1:32:42: I’m not sure Mark McGrath is a very good actor.

1:33:11: David Spade is acting circles around Mark McGrath.

1:33:40: “David Spade is acting circles around Mark McGrath.” Now there’s a sentence I never thought I would write.

1:37:04: I cannot believe how complicated this movie is. Seriously. Patrick Warburton is back, but now he’s an angel and he’s giving Joe Dirt advice.

1:41:19: Joe Dirt has been sent back to the present.

1:42:38: Joe Dirt 2 is over.

1:42:49: I have no idea what just happened.

1:43:02: There’s a band playing I don’t recognize. “Joe Dirt” is in the lyrics.

1:43:15: Even Shazam doesn’t recognize this song. Maybe it doesn’t exist? Maybe Joe Dirt 2 doesn’t exist.

1:43:50: There’s a blooper reel. Good grief.

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