Weekend Box Office: ‘Black Panther’ Absolutely Shreds Box Office Records

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02.18.18 21 Comments


Based on presales, back in January, prognosticators predicted that Black Panther could break $100 million at the box office. By early last week, it looked like a safe bet to be the biggest February opening of all time. On Thursday, before it had even opened in America, it had already broken box-office records. By yesterday, it appeared as though Black Panther would cross $200 million and soundly thrash Deadpool with the biggest President’s Day weekend ever. In 80 AMC theaters, the film is already the biggest movie of all time.

The numbers are in now. They’re still unofficial until tomorrow, and given how big these numbers are, there could be big swings in either direction. However, it appears that Black Panther has earned around $218 million for the four-day weekend, besting Deadpool’s President’s Day record by about $75 million. For the three-day weekend, it looks like around $192 million, which makes it the fifth best opening weekend of all time, behind the $207 million of fourth place Marvel’s The Avengers. For the best three-day weekend in February, Black Panther bests Deadpool by around $60 million (and Fifty Shades of Grey by more than $100 million). It also appears that it opened with $169 million overseas in 48 markets.

So much for superhero fatigue, huh?

Black Panther is absolutely crushing it in all metrics. Critics have given it a 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences have given it an A+ on Cinemascore. According to Deadline, 88 percent of moviegoers are giving it a definite recommend and 95 percent are giving it an overall positive score. Moreover, 37 percent of the audience for Black Panther — the first major superhero tentpole with a majority-minority cast — are African-American moviegoers, which proves what most everyone already knew was true: Black audiences will show up in massive numbers for a movie with Black representation, a lesson that studios should understand loud and clear now.

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