Werner Herzog Wants To Play A James Bond Villain And We Are Totally Down With That

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We still have no idea whether or not Daniel Craig will return in the next James Bond film as the titular secret agent, but given the character’s habit of killing the bad guys at the end of the movie, there’s always a need for a new villain. Many feel a Bond movie is only as good as the character they have opposing him, so it’s important to pick the right person. And if Werner Herzog had his way, the producers of the series might consider casting him.

“I think I would be a good villain in a James Bond movie,” Herzog told Business Insider in a recent interview. “They were fairly weak the last half-dozen of villains in James Bond movies. They weren’t that convincing.”

Herzog is best known for directing and producing often morbid documentaries like Grizzly Man and The Act of Killing. His unique style of heavily-accented narration is often one of the best parts of his films, and we have no doubt that hearing him verbally spar with James Bond would indeed be something to behold.

He’s already gotten some experience in the villain department too, having played mysterious Soviet Gulag survivor The Zec in 2012’s Jack Reacher with effective gravitas.

“‘Jack Reacher’ was very easy, because the function of the villain was just to spread fear and horror,” he said, breaking the role down in the most Werner Herzog way possible. When asked if he ever accidentally carries that trait through into real life, he demurred. “You have to ask my wife — she maintains I’m a fluffy husband.”

(Via Business Insider)