Will Ferrell And Adam McKay Have Ended Their Creative Partnership After 13 Years

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Longtime creative partners Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, who first met on the set of Saturday Night Live, still have plenty of irons in the fire when it comes to producing other filmmakers’ projects. As for working directly together as they did on the disastrous Holmes & Watson, however, it sounds like that will not be happening anytime soon.

In a report from Deadline on Saturday, it was revealed that the pair “have mutually decided to branch out separately and refocus their creative efforts.” Ferrell and McKay subsequently confirmed their decision in a statement:

The last 13 years could not have been more enjoyable and satisfying for the two of us at Sanchez Productions. We give massive thanks to our incredible staff and executives and all the writers, directors and actors we worked with through the years. The two of us will always work together creatively and always be friends. And we recognize we are lucky as hell to end this venture as such.

Meanwhile, McKay took to Twitter to comment on Deadline’s article and thank everyone who had been a part of his and Ferrell’s creative endeavors.

Speaking of Twitter, the news of Ferrell and McKay’s decision triggered a wide variety of reactions on social media. After all, for over a decade, they had directed and starred in multiple successful comedies like Anchor Man, Talledega Nights and Step Brothers. So people had plenty to say — most of it good.

Of course, there were plenty of jokes as well.

Sorry, Step Brothers 2 fans.

(Via Deadline)