‘Wolverine 3’ Gets An Official Title, Poster, And More

Hugh Jackman was teasing a big reveal for Wolverine 3 the other day, telling ET Online, “We finished shooting. I just saw James Mangold today, he’s editing away and finishing that. I’m very, very excited about it. There’s going to be some stuff coming out in the next week or so, that’s all I’ll say. I’m really trying — I’m not good, I’m the kind of person who tells everybody everything. Basically, it’s going to be very different. Very different in tone and hopefully, very different from anything that we’ve done.”

He wasn’t pretendin’; that stuff he promised just came out. First there’s this tweet from Jackman, revealing that the film is simply called Logan:

The little kid whose hand is in the poster is probably the same little girl spotted in set photos with Jackman. Some people speculated — considering the X-Men: Apocalypse post-credits scene about Essex Corp getting some of Wolverine’s blood — she could be the Weapon X clone of Wolverine, Laura Kinney (X-23). We’re remaining skeptical of that, in part because Fox reportedly sent out a casting call for a very X-23 sounding character who’s significantly older than that kid.

James Mangold — who also directed The Wolverine and 3:10 to Yuma — tweeted a page of the script which makes it clear they’re going for an R-rating, as was previously confirmed by producer Simon Kinberg when he described the film as “bold”, “different”, and “like a western in its tone.”

Who doesn’t remember all those Westerns where people went after the protagonist with an electric drill? We will say it’s a particularly nice touch that the stage directions point out that this movie is not a “CG f*ckathon,” so it’s got that going for it, which is nice.

The director also revealed via this script page that Old Man Logan has fading power in the film, and he medicates the pain with booze. (He’s just like us!)

(Via Coming Soon and ET Online)