The First Reviews Of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Are Hailing It As A Much-Needed Escape That Brings Back The Best Of The ’80s

The first reviews for Wonder Woman 1984 are rolling in, and critics seem to be here for the latest outing from director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot. Thanks to the pandemic, the highly-anticipated sequel has seen its release shifted a few times before becoming the first Warner Bros. movie to break the seal on a simultaneous HBO Max and theatrical release, which would soon become the studio’s controversial strategy for its entire 2021 film slate. But now that it’s here critics seem to agree that Wonder Woman 1984 is a much-needed dose of escapism during a time when audiences need it the most (as of this writing, the reviews of the film are 89% positive, according to Rotten Tomatoes). The film is also being favorably compared to the ’80s classics of yesterday like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Richard Donner’s Superman.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a sampling of what the reviews are saying, and don’t worry, each excerpt is spoiler-free.

Mike Ryan, Uproxx:

Wonder Woman 1984 is like eating dessert. There’s really nothing here that’s particularly healthy or substantial – even for a superhero movie. There’s no secret green bean hidden under all the gooey, colorful, and brightly lit frosting. No, Wonder Woman 1984 is pure sugar. But here’s how I’m looking at it: Dammit, we all deserve dessert right now.

Brandon Davis, Comic Book:

Wonder Woman 1984 learns from the critiques of its excellent predecessor, delivering a much more contained finale by comparison to its extravagant and over-sized blow-out third act in the first movie. … The team delivers an exciting and inspirational new tale, with a surprising level of worldly commentary considering when it was shot, along with a much-needed message of hope.

Peter Dubrege, Variety:

Wonder Woman 1984 accomplishes what we look to Hollywood tentpoles to do: It whisks us away from our worries, erasing them with pure escapism. For those old enough to remember the ’80s, it’s like going home for Christmas and discovering a box full of childhood toys in your parents’ attic.

Nicholas Barber, BBC:

A funny, sweet-natured, brightly-coloured standalone adventure, it is so reminiscent of the likes of Raiders of The Lost Ark and Ghostbusters in its jokes, its plotting, its locations and its general atmosphere that it fills you with the same warm feelings that they did – one of those feelings being wonder.

Brian Truitt, USA Today:

Throw in a soaring Hans Zimmer score and together the two lovebirds [Gadot and Pine] give the film an exciting, earnest vibe that’s the closest recent DC superhero projects have come to Christopher Reeve’s original Superman.

Mary Sollosi, Entertainment Weekly:

Who better to swoop in and remind us of the thrill and possibility of movies, to offer us hope right here on the precipice of a much newer New Year than most, than Wonder Woman herself? That may sound like an unfair demand of a film that was finished before 2020 began, intended for a traditional release in a traditional year. But if any movie is up for the task of taking on more, this would be the one.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters and HBO Max on December 25.