Gal Gadot Shares A Behind-The-Scenes Photo Of Wonder Woman In A Mask, And People Have Theories

Gal Gadot just wanted to be a responsible citizen and promote mask use, but in the process, the Wonder Woman actress stirred up a few fan theories, thanks to her social media activism.

In a new tweet on Tuesday morning, Gadot posted a black and white photo of herself on a DC set, where she’s wearing a mask covering her face. The caption simply says “#wearamask” and doesn’t provide any context to the photo, which was enough of an opening for fans to go to town.

Even though there’s a desert scene in the Wonder Woman 1984 official trailer, speculation will still be had. People wondered whether Gadot will have her own post-apocalyptic scene similar to the Knightmare scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (where Batman is captured by an evil, totalitarian Superman who’s been turned by Darkseid’s Anti-Life equation following the death of Lois Lane). As for whether Wonder Woman would navigate a Knightmare sequence in Wonder Woman 1984 or the Snyder Cut, that also became a topic of speculation.

But one thing is for certain, if this photo does hint at Wonder Woman getting a Knightmare sequence of her own, the fans are definitely here for it. Put that post-apocalyptic Wonder Woman in their veins!

While there’s no definitive context for Gadot’s behind-the-scene photo as of the writing, people are wondering if Knightmare Diana is a possibility. However, the more likely explanation is that the photo was taken on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 while filming a desert battle sequence that’s featured prominently in the trailer. At the time, the use of masks would’ve been simply to protect the cast and crew from the wind kicking up sand everywhere. Of course, mask usage means so much more right now.

You can see the trailer’s desert scene at the 1:52 mark below:

Wonder Woman 1984 is still set to hit theaters October 2, 2020.