‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Will Release A ‘Rogue Cut’ This Summer

Fox has big plans for the X-Men; we’ll be seeing two movies featuring the marvelous mutants, or their offshoots, in 2016. But that leaves a whole year without any X-Men movies to talk about. So Fox is getting a little creative and putting out a new version of an old movie to keep us talking.

Specifically, they’re releasing the long-rumored Rogue Cut, according to IndieWire. As you might know, Anna Paquin shot several scenes as everybody’s favorite power-stealing belle, but she didn’t wind up in the actual movie beyond a cameo. That’s going to be rectified this summer.

Oddly, it’s apparently going to be a quite different cut of the same movie. James Finn, who’s the executive VP of marketing at Fox (and, full disclosure, somebody I joke around with on Twitter from time to time), noted that it will be a “distinct” movie from the Blu-Ray you probably already own. The Rogue plotline that was cut involves Magneto and Iceman rescuing her from a mutant concentration camp to take over for a stabbed Kitty Pryde keeping Logan’s brain in the past.

That said, it obviously can’t be too different, since there’s only so much footage to work with in the first place. But hey, we’ll take more X-Men wherever we can find them, especially since the Blu-Ray will likely arrive with goodies about X-Men: Apocalypse. Maybe we’ll finally check out the new Jean Grey and whoever they just randomly made Cyclops!