Zach Galifianakis And Kristen Wiig Pull Off World’s Worst Heist In The ‘Masterminds’ Trailer

Zack Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig pull off the world’s worst robbery in the first full trailer for the true-life heist flick, Masterminds.

In the film, Galifianakis plays David Ghantt, a vault supervisor for the now-defunct Loomis Fargo & Company. With the help of former co-worker Kelly Campbell (Wiig) and her friend Steve Chambers (Owen Wilson), Ghantt blunders his way into stealing over $17 million in cash. Unfortunately, Ghantt’s conspirators set him up to take the fall, so he goes on the run from the FBI and a hit man played by a deliciously sinister Jason Sudeikis.

The movie was directed by Jared Hess, the same guy behind Napoleon Dynamite, and it’s got cameos from tons of Saturday Night Live cast members, including several of Wiig’s co-stars from the Ghostbusters reboot.

The movie has had a troubled history for years. It’s actually been in the works since 2013, with Jim Carrey originally set to star. After Carrey pulled out and Galifianakis stepped in, the movie hit another roadblock before its October 2015 debut when it was suddenly pulled from the release calendar. That’s because production company Relativity Media had filed for bankruptcy and couldn’t afford to market it. Now the movie is back, due to come out Sept. 30, and it looks pretty hilarious.

Masterminds is based on a true story about one of the country’s most infamous heists, often called the “Hillbilly Heist.” In October 1997, $17.3 million was stolen from the Charlotte, N.C. regional office vault of Loomis Fargo. It was the second-largest cash robbery at the time, following another robbery of Loomis Fargo in Florida only eight months prior. Unfortunately, the FBI caught onto the scheme pretty fast, arresting and convicting 24 people involved in the heist and recovering 95 percent of the money.

(Via YouTube)