Zack Snyder Was Convinced Warner Bros. Would Retaliate Against Him If He Supported The Extended ‘Justice League’

It took three years, but in March frustrated (and persistent) DC heads finally got their precious “Snyder Cut.” The new edition gave something approximating the insane ambitions director Zack Snyder’s had for Justice League, which was supposed to be the comic line’s version of Marvel’s Avengers. But it almost didn’t happen, and in a new interview the filmmaker explains he spent a while afraid to support the fans calling for the cut lest his old bosses get mad.

“I was more worried the studio would sue me. Do something to silence me,” Snyder told The Sunday Times, in a bit teased out by IGN. So he stayed quiet, just as he had ever since leaving the project in early 2017. He kept his trap shut as replacement director Joss Whedon did extensive reshoots and as the studio took what was supposed to be a serious, complex study of superherodom and tried to retcon it into a bubbly (and relatively short!) entertainment, complete with catchphrases and “boo-yahs.” And he kept it up as it got lackluster reviews and underwhelming box office returns.

Not that the online fans who helped resuscitate it have been portrayed as heroes. Far from it. They’ve been called out for their online bullying, with some worrying that by pestering a studio into doing its bidding, they’ve set a terrible precedent. But Snyder defended them, saying, “Here’s the reality. That fandom raised $750,000 for suicide prevention and mental health awareness.”

Still, now they’re trying to get Warner Bros. to let him do his whole “SnyderVerse.”

(Via The Sunday Times and IGN)