‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Reportedly Attracted A Ton Of Up-Too-Late Eyeballs On The Night Of Its Release

If a new report is correct, there might be more extremely devoted Snyder Cut fans out there than anyone realized. According to Samba TV, 1.8 million HBO Max subscribers stayed up late to watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League as soon as it hit the streaming platform. The third party pollster, whose information comes from terrestrial smart TV users and is not official data from HBO Max, based its numbers on any subscriber who fired up the Snyder Cut within the first five minutes of its release. Given that the film started streaming at 3 AM EST/12 AM PST on March 18, it’s no surprise that the numbers skew heavily towards the West Coast. Via Deadline:

Samba TV showed that the diversity breakdown for Snyder Cut households were Black (+17%), Hispanic (+20%), and Asian (+18%) demos which over-indexed. Of the 25 largest markets, the most over-indexing were San Francisco (+67%), Sacramento (+33%), and Los Angeles (+32%).

Of course, there’s a chance the number of Snyder Cut viewers could be even larger than Samba TV reported, given its polling methods, but it also doesn’t tell the whole picture as many of those users could’ve started the film, only to bail minutes later. However, Samba TV is making a bold claim that the Snyder Cut actually outperformed The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but not by much. The Disney+ show reportedly brought in 1.7 million viewers during its debut, which is pretty darn close to the Snyder Cut’s 1.8 million. But, again, these aren’t official numbers.

That said, Samba’s data did support Marvel’s claim that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had the most watched premiere of any Disney+ series to date, which now puts The Mandalorian Season 2 premiere and WandaVision in second and third place, respectively.

(Via Deadline)