10 Tips For Deciding Your Favorite Member Of Haim

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10.01.13 7 Comments

We’ve written a lot about Haim, UPROXX’s favorite all-sister glossy pop-folk band (and there are A LOT of those, so they should feel honored), over the past couple of months, but without an album to show for it. Until yesterday, when the group’s debut album, Days Are Gone, was finally released, giving the world an excuse to listen to “The Wire” on repeat for the rest of the week. Haim is refreshing in their lameness (their biggest influences are Fleetwood Mac and Shania Twain and other shiny FM mainstays, but with enough of a charm pull it off), Haim is perfect music festival sing-alongs, Haim is breezy and blissful, but which Haim member should be your favorite Haim member?

That’s what we’re here to help with. (For what it’s worth, Team Danielle, no question.)

1. If you like exaggerated facial expressions: Este.


2. Are you the youngest sibling? Then you’ll pick: Alana.

baby haim

3. If you like hair-whipping guitar solos: Danielle.

4. If Michele Williams was your favorite member of Destiny’s Child: Este.

destiny haim

5. If you’re into the Metallica shirt and short shorts combo: Alana.

haim baby

6. If you’re always literally in the middle of everything: Danielle.

foreversave mefalling

7. If you go to concerts for the stage banter: Este.

tampon string

8. If you’re cool with multiple partners (guitar, keyboard, percussion): Alana.

9. For the classy drinkers: Danielle.

haim drinks

10. Or you could just go with all three.


(via Getty Image) (Via F*ck Yeah Haim)

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