42 Dugg Was Arrested After Failing To Surrender Himself For Firearm Possession

42 Dugg is one of rap’s fastest-rising stars, but he may see his momentum stall for the next few months — or even years — after being arrested today. The 27-year-old was recently convicted of illegally possessing a firearm (a crime for a convicted felon) and was supposed to report for a six-month sentence last month. Instead, he could have that sentence extended to five years for absconding on his original punishment, according to Detroit News.

Due to a prior conviction on carjacking and felony firearms possession, Dugg’s recent trip to a firing range in Atlanta — where he was seen loading and shooting a Glock 9mm — automatically triggered prison time. Police and federal agents were waiting for him when he got off a private plane from Memphis to Detroit this afternoon.

Incidentally, this isn’t even the first time the “We Paid” rapper was arrested for avoiding the authorities. In August 2020, he was arrested for fleeing a police officer after evading police for two months when he ran a stop sign. He was fitted with an ankle monitor and could be sent to prison for five years on that charge as well. This followed a March 2020 arrest for firearms possession, for which he narrowly avoided prison due to COVID-19.

The timing for his knuckledheadedry catching up to him couldn’t be worse; he just released his joint album with EST Gee last month, accelerating his success and giving him that much further to fall.