7 Great ‘SNL’ Sketches From Episodes With Simultaneous Hosts/Musical Guests

10.21.12 6 years ago 8 Comments

Bruno Mars, best known for wearing hats and being a singer, in that order, was the host and musical guest of last night’s SNL. A few days prior, in an interview with MTV, he said:

“It was weird, because I’m not an actor or a comedian, and they asked me to do it. It was surreal. It was one of those moments where it’s like ‘Oh man, that would be so fun…yeah, let’s do it!’ and then you hang up and you’re like ‘Wait a minute…’ But, I’m excited, man! I’ve got nothing to lose! (Via)

So, we knew it was unlikely we were going to see a classic episode (we didn’t), especially considering the show’s track record with simultaneous hosts/musical guests has been spotty at best. But even though there wasn’t an A+ sketch from Mars (not his fault), there have been some absolute gems from the likes of Frank Zappa, Stevie Wonder, Britney Spears, and other hosts who did double doo doo pie, I mean, duty.

Frank Zappa Meets The Coneheads from Fred Stone on Vimeo.

Host: Frank Zappa
Episode: October 21, 1978

The tenth and second to last Coneheads appearance on SNL, not including the movie.

Host: Stevie Wonder
Episode: May 7, 1983

The pause Eddie Murphy takes after Stevie sings is still one of the funniest moments in SNL history.

Host: Willie Nelson
Episode: February 21, 1987

An obvious idea (Willie Nelson in a redneck sketch), with an amusing twist.

Host: Garth Brooks
Episode: November 13, 1999

“There’s a guy named Fred, and he’s got a pair of slacks” almost makes up for the existence of Chris Gaines.

Host: Britney Spears
Episode: May 13, 2000

I think about “take a doo doo pie” at least four times a day.

Host: Britney Spears
Episode: February 2, 2002

From another Britney episode and the clip above is only three seconds long, but this quote should be on Tracy Morgan’s tombstone.

Host: Justin Timberlake
Date: October 11, 2003

The rare 10-to-1 sketch that turned out to be a classic. Hopefully we’ll be as lucky tonight.

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