Aaron Carter’s Manager Said He ‘Didn’t Seem Okay’ In The Days Before His Death

Aaron Carter‘s longtime manager Taylor Helgeson has finally spoken out following Carter’s tragic death, which occurred earlier this month. In an interview with Page Six, Helgeson revealed that Carter did not appear to be well in his final days.

“He looked thin. He was extremely tired,” Helgeson said. “He just looked like he needed to be doing anything but working. He looked like he needed to be taking care of him.”

Helgeson also said that Carter was working on an album, as well as a memoir. The memoir has since been postponed indefinitely.

Although Carter evidently didn’t appear physically well, Helgeson said Carter was excited to get to work on various projects.

“He didn’t seem okay,” Helgeson continued. “Now, when I say that, I think it’s really important to kind of context that…He didn’t seem okay physically…[but] mentally, he was the most excited I’ve seen him in months. He was very intelligent and he was very conscious of what people wanted to see from him. We had so much stuff going on and, you know, Aaron was a really prideful guy in his own right, too”

Earlier this week, ET reported that Carter had been cremated, with a cause of death to be determined. A funeral ceremony will take place at a later date.