Aaron Paul Was In The Music Video For Dashboard Confessional’s ‘Screaming Infidelities’ (Updated)

/takes out guitar
//strums furiously
///starts singing

I’m reading your note over again

////lets crowd sing the rest of the song

Apologies for the most Dashboard Confessional in-joke ever — and for saying, “Dashboard Confessional in-joke” — but after reading, via Andy Greenwald’s Twitter, that overexcited game show contestant Aaron Paul was in the music video for Dashboard Confessional’s 2001 ode to cuddling alone, I can’t stop listening to the version of the song from MTV Unplugged. It’s that painfully good, with extra FEELINGS. It’s also the perfect song for Paul, who previously starred in Everlast’s “White Trash Beautiful” and Korn’s “Thoughtless,” to appear in the video for. It’s not hard to imagine Jesse listening to it dozens of times after Jane’s death.

I’m missing your bed
I never sleep
Avoiding the spots where we’d have speak,
And this bottle of beast is taking me home.

Jesse’s one wrist tattoo of a star away from being an emo kid.

UPDATE: Apparently this video was remade by an Aaron Paul fan who apparently wanted to insert him into a Dashboard Confessional video using scenes from some obscure movie Paul appeared in. Well done, Aaron Paul fan. Well done.