Adam Horovitz Of The Beastie Boys Talks To 'Rolling Stone' About Adam Yauch's Death

In the past 24 hours I’ve been asked by no fewer than 5 people if I’d read the interview Adam Horovitz — aka “Ad Rock” — did with Rolling Stone about MCA’s death, so I finally made a point to do so this afternoon. It was predictably heartbreaking to some degree, but I was particularly taken by the following passage…

Yauch was the oldest of the Beastie Boys. Was he a leader in the early days?

Yauch was in charge. He was smarter, more organized. In a group of friends, you all come up with stupid shit to do. But you never do it. With Yauch, it got done. He had that extra drive to see things through. We each had our roles. One of his was the make-it-happen person.

I’d be like, “We should take these pictures where we’re dressed as undercover cops. That would be funny.” But Adam was really into movies. So we made a whole video of that [“Sabotage”]. It wasn’t just a nice picture for us to have.

For some reason I always suspected that he was the “make things happen” guy in the group. Not sure why — I suppose it was just an aura MCA had about him.

Additionally, Horovitz admitted that he’s having a tough time dealing with Yauch’s death.

“My wife is like, ‘I want to make sure you’re getting it out.’ But then I’m walking the dog and I’ll start crying on the street.” Horovitz shook his head wearily. “It’s pretty fucking crazy.”

Fuck cancer.

(Pic via Patch)