An Artist Has Been Illustrating All 99 Of Jay-Z’s Problems

“I’ve got 99 problems/But a bitch ain’t one.” — Jay-Z.

More than any other quotable line in his vast discography, that’s the one Jay-Z will be most remembered for — and it’s about a dog. In his lyrical memoir book, Decoded, Hova explained that years before his-best-album Reasonable Doubt came out, he was pulled over by the cops…while carrying and hiding cocaine in his sunroof. He wisely refused to let the police search his car, but they called for drug-sniffing dogs, and Jay-Z was told to wait. And wait. And wait. And wait, until, finally, he was let go, without an inspection.

So a bitch ain’t one of his problems, but what about the other 99? That’s the basis of Ali Graham’s fantastic “99 Problems” project, which illustrates all of Jay-Z’s complications and predicaments. Here are some of the best.

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(Via 99 Problems)