And Now, Taylor Swift Filming Lena Dunham Dancing To A Song Called ‘Lena Dunham’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
11.26.14 7 Comments

“It’s been too long since anyone’s written a think piece, or thought exercise, about us, so Lena, I, Taylor Swift, am going to film you dancing to Hand Job Academy’s novelty rap song, ‘Lena Dunham,’ and then Slate will write an article about how we’re co-opting black culture.”

I think that’s exactly how the Instagram video below came to be, especially Taylor Swift referring to herself in third person. Where does “Lena Dunham” rank in songs named after celebrities? Is it better than Wesley Willis’ “Liz Phair”? (No, nothing is.) Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments, which I’m sure will only have nice thing to say about this…

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