Ashanti And Nelly Are Reportedly Already Married And Have Been For Quite Some Time Now

April brought some big news: Ashanti confirmed that after she and Nelly rekindled their relationship, the two were engaged and expecting a child. Well, it looks like the story may actually be deeper than that.

According to a TMZ report today (June 19) that cites “public records,” the two are actually already legally married, and their marriage date is listed as December 27, 2023.

The document apparently doesn’t note the city in which the two got married, but it was supposedly in St. Louis County, which would suggest that the wedding was likely in Nelly’s St. Louis hometown.

The two do not appear to have had a wedding ceremony yet, so if the report is accurate, perhaps they wanted to get the legal aspect of the marriage done and take their time planning a ceremony.

Meanwhile, Ashanti just told Entertainment Tonight about Nelly’s surprise proposal, revealing that it was a “beautiful, intimate moment” at home.

It was a surprise, but she wasn’t caught totally off guard, saying, “I felt like it was gonna come soon. I didn’t know when. And the way that it happened was just so funny.”

As for the wedding date, that’s not currently clear, as Ashanti said, “We’re both extremely busy, obviously with the baby coming, everything else takes the back seat.”