AWOLNATION’s ‘Seven Sticks Of Dynamite’ Video Is A Warped Sing-Along Western

12.07.17 6 months ago

Awolnation is an unmistakably modern alternative rock group, but that’s not the aesthetic they’re going for in their new music video. In their clip for “Seven Sticks Of Dynamite,” directed by Riley Harper and the band’s Aaron Bruno, we’re headed back to a hipsterized version of the old west, in that there’s a sing-along-turned-bar-fight, as well as some Grease-styled imagery and a quick Rick Rubin cameo. The timeline might be a bit wack, but the music is just fine.

The track comes from the band’s recently announced third album, Here Come The Runts, which is slated to come out on February 2, 2018 via Red Bull Records. The band’s Aaron Bruno said he wants to album to have an organic, vintage “pop” feel:

“With this record I really wanted to make a rock n’ roll/pop album. And I say ‘pop’ how I grew up listening to it, in the sense of Dire Straits or Born In The USA or The Cars or Tom Petty. The record definitely has a feel to it that seems parallel to the vibe of this mountain and the land. It’s like a non-GMO record. There’s no fake shit on there, none of the vocals are tuned. It’s all real playing.”

Check out our recent Facebook live interview and studio performance with the band below, and then take a peek at the album art and tracklist, as well as Awolnation’s 2018 tour dates.

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