Axl Rose Has Let Himself Go A Little

Guns N’ Roses — minus legendary guitarists Slash and Duff McKagan — kicked off a world tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday night, and let’s just say that lead singer Axl Rose looks like he prepared for the tour by eating a Krispy Kreme shop. As Vice put it, Rose was “looking shmoooookin’ while attempting to hide his frame under a banana yellow zoot suit.”

Additionally, Rose didn’t really sound all that good, as evidenced by his anguished-sounding braying of “Mr. Brownstone” in the clip below…

He’s a far cry from the guy below, but that’s what getting old does, right?

And speaking of Duff McKagan, he has a new memoir out today (He’s doing a book signing at The Strand in NYC tonight!) that’s filled with some most excellent GNR-related quotes. My fav, in regards to playing a show at a frat house: “Axl’s assless chaps may have had something to do with our tepid reception. Still, free beer.”